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Busted Water Lines

Busted water pipes are a common plumbing issue for homeowners. Although they are designed to withstand a large amount of pressure, water pipes can still burst or leak without warning, which may lead to water damage. It is important to first shut off the water at the main or call your water service to shut off your water. Then contact a qualified plumber quickly to minimize any damage.

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Common Causes of Busted Pipes

Pipes may burst for several reasons. Some of the common causes may include frozen water in the pipes, aging pipework, tree root encroachment, high water pressure, incorrect pipework and pipe layering or improper connections. Scheduling a plumbing inspection with a qualified plumber will help with identifying any of these possible causes and prevent a plumbing emergency. 

If you have a water pipe burst, calling an experienced plumber is vital to prevent further damage. Call Hydromax Plumbing at 812-925-3930 or Contact Us for knowledgeable plumbers with resources to repair or replace your pipe. 

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