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Descaling & Heavy Root Removal

Common sewer backup causes could be from tree root invasion and scaling that accumulates inside cast-iron pipes over time. Sewer line problems can be time-consuming and cost-intensive for residential and commercial property owners.

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What is Root Invasion?

Although tree roots are considered healthy for the soil, the intrusion of roots into sewer lines can cause structural damage and daily issues to the sewer system. If not proactively addressed and removed, tree roots can cause major damage to pipe and septic tanks as they tend to grow into rough shapes that occupy the inside of your sewer lines.

Symptoms of Root Invasion

Underground placement of sewer lines makes it difficult to determine if tree roots have invaded your sewer system. Symptoms of root invasion may include:

What is Calcification and Pipe Scaling?

Pipe scaling is referred to the buildup of minerals and rust on the inner linings of sewer pipes. Cast iron pipes tend to have more severe scaling due to their inner surfaces being more susceptible to become coated with iron oxide, calcium, and magnesium salts. Whether it is metal or cast-iron piping, when a thick, uneven layer of mineral and rust develops, it catches any solids and grime flowing past. This can cause a pipe to become clogged or blocked.


The best method to determine the cause of a sewer backup is by using a video camera inspection service. This method allows the technician to accurately diagnose if the cause is from root invasion or scale buildup. It also provides valuable information in determining the most effective technique for root removal or descaling. 

Hydromax Plumbing uses specialized equipment to remove tree roots, cast iron scaling, grease, and even concrete. Our certified technicians can customize a solution to correct the plumbing issue. To help identify and/or repair a sewer line damaged from root infiltration or scale buildup, trust Hydromax Plumbing to provide a quality solution for residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal.

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