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Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is an effective and efficient method to replace failing, outdated or undersized sewer, water and gas lines. Sewer pipe bursting may be used in municipal, industrial, commercial or residential settings.

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What is Sewer Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is when a technician pulls the same size or large pipe through an existing pipe by using a hydraulic or pneumatic expansion head, cable, or winch. The original pipe bursts as the new pipe is installed with minimal impact to the above ground surfaces. Sections of the replacement pipe are heat-welded above ground to ensure connections are strong and long-lasting.

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Pipe Bursting Process

  • Sewer camera inspection

  • Dig size of entry and exit points depends on the depth

  • Weld new pipes in place with heat

  • Burst old pipes by pulling new pipes through

Advantages of Sewer Pipe Bursting

Although pipe bursting has several benefits, it may not always be viable. Hydromax Plumbing also offers open-top excavating as an alternative. Both methods have benefits, and our skilled technicians will partner with you to provide the best solutions for your need.

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