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Pipe Thawing

During winter, frozen pipes can be one of the biggest plumbing issues and a significant inconvenience to the property owner. Pipes are at risk of freezing when the temperature reaches below 32 degrees for the water to freeze and not having proper insulation surrounding your pipes puts you at even greater risk of frozen pipes.

Pipe thawing
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Frozen Pipes Can Be Destructive and Costly

As water expands, the expansion adds pressure to your pipe, which can cause it to crack and leak. Frozen pipes can also split by ice flowing through the pipe and occur through expansion in a weak part of the pipe. Pipes staying frozen too long can result in greater damage and puts you at risk of not having any water supply until the damage can be repaired. Therefore, it is important to have an inspection completed to ensure your pipes are adequately insulated and prepped for winter or call a professional plumber as soon as you know your pipes are frozen.

What to do if Your Pipes Are Frozen

If your pipes do freeze, you should turn off your water and call a plumber immediately to assess the damage and recommend a repair or thawing. Our professional technicians are available 24/7 for emergency services and our quick response could prevent any further damage and save you money.

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