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Storm Water Management & Pervious Concrete

Stormwater management is the effort to manage the runoff of rainwater or melted snow into streets, parking lots or rooftops, which are impervious surfaces. The amount of runoff from impervious surfaces can overwhelm natural channels and streams because they can generate a larger volume of runoff water. If stormwater is not managed properly, it can cause erosion, localized flooding, property damage, infrastructure damage or storm and sanitary sewer system overflow.

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Pervious Concrete Provides Innovative Solution

One method to manage stormwater runoff involves pervious concrete. It is an innovative and effective means to capture stormwater and allow it to seep into the ground through porous concrete. This is instrumental in recharging groundwater, reducing stormwater runoff and meeting stormwater regulations. Pervious concrete may also be cost-saving by eliminating the need for retentions ponds, swales, or other stormwater management devices.

Specializing in Stormwater Management

Our team at Hydromax Plumbing aids in improving stormwater management for commercial, industrial, and municipal properties: 

Hydromax Plumbing offers stormwater management solutions for commercial, industrial, and municipal settings. Contact Us at 812-925-3930 to learn more.

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