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Water Filters & Softeners

Whole-house water filtration systems can assist with the taste and odor of your water. When coupled with a softener, the system can reduce hardness and iron as well as reducing chlorine, lead, sulfates, and nitrates. This filtered water may be used throughout your home when you take a shower, wash dishes, brush your teeth or pour a glass of water.

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Minimize Rust and Scale Buildup

Appliances also benefit from a whole-house filtration system by minimizing rust stains and scale buildup caused by hard water. These scaley deposits can affect hot water heaters, humidifiers and dishwashers possibly causing maintenance problems. 

What water filtration system should you choose?

Factors to consider include the following:

What are the types of water filtration systems?

Several types of water filtration systems are designed to reduce different contaminants. Hydromax Plumbing can walk through the process of selecting the best water filtration system to fit your needs. Our team is also specialized in maintenance, repairs, and inspections of water filtration systems for residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

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